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Is magic to be kids. Is a unique emotion to see and share the happiness and the smile of everyone around us. Specially our little ones. I love telling stories, I enjoy imagining higher than the clouds, I encourage dreaming, as big as possible, I embrace the freedom to see, I appreciate the small things. Let’s slow down, let’s live as children, let’s gift them the magic, teach them to appreciate every single little moment and find the wonder in any little thing they discover. Because sometimes the small, littlest, tiny acts give us the most bigger joy.

Here is where I share my books, stories that they came from the deepest part of my heart. Gestures, that I do with and for my lovely little ones. Smiles that we laugh together. Stop: breath happiness, wear your brithest smile and gift a wonder.full life journey to all the little-big people in your life.

You need a very little sweet gesture to make a magic, happy life. Enjoy


In a world crowded with instant communication, the Magic Mail Fairy is here to reacquaint us with our roots. Rediscover the extraordinary power of words, the pleasure of writing by hand and the excitement of receiving an envelope. Switch on the magic, embrace the slow mail and inspire your kids to dream.

the story

The story of me


I am always curious to know about other people passions and stories. Today is you that can discover something more about me. Sonia, a mum, a dreamer, a free spirit, a thinker – not too much – and a magic fairy – at list I would love to be. Hopefully managing to sprinkle the world with beauty.full messages. I am from Italy, and after world-wandering, I now live in Australia, by the beach.

I like the smell of the ocean, the taste of waves, the touch of sun, the sight of flowers, the sound of laughers and the feeling of being fully happy and alive. Together, with all the people I love around me. I would like to show everyone that there is magic all around us. We just have to start looking at the world through our children’s eyes, we are the ones who put limits to our own imagination.

So, with my little group of fairies and elves, that give me support, I would love to share my passions, the stories I have in my heart and help us set our creativity free.
Everyone find the treasure at the end of the rainbow.
With magic and joy.


The story of the story


This fairy tale shares our charming family tradition, that you can make your own. My dearest wish is to gift the magic of the Mail Fairy, hoping she will bring as many smiles and happiness to your family as it has to ours.

Who doesn’t feel excited when finding a letter in the post box? To sense with the eyes the words that are slowly growing into sentences? This whimsical feeling is part of our tradition: the story of The Magic Mail Fairy.

The Magic Mail Fairy is a pixie little character that use pen and paper to write enchanted messages. She happily twirls around her colours, cards, stamps and pencils. And she is magically transforming dreams and wishes into sunshiny words and envelops that are delivered to the children she cares for.

The Magic Mail Fairy is a book that embrace the Slow Writing Movement encouraging children and grown-ups to rediscover the extraordinary power of words, the pleasure of hand writing and the positive effect of nice delicate thoughtful letters.

Switch on the magic, embrace the slow mail and make your kids dream.


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I love the excitement of receiving a letter, always. Written by hand via slowmail or written by keys via email. Share any thoughts, any dreams, any simple question.
Happy to read and answer with joy.
A colourful ciao,

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